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Shelly K. Pawchuk
Attorney at Law
6136 Mission Gorge Road
San Diego, CA   92120
Telephone:  619-255-0942
Fax:  619-255-4097


We Accept

Our Services
Dissolutions of Marriage
Paternity Actions
Child Custody/Visitation
Child Support
Spousal Support
Pre and Post Marital Agreements
Restraining Orders
Domestic Violence
Civil Harrassment
Estate Planning
*Powers of Attorney
*Directive to Physician
Step Parent Adoptions


Compassionate   *   Aggressive


Shelly is well known across Southern California as a trusted, independent attorney providing the highest degree of professional service.  She provides compassionate, dedicated  legal services to every client and strives to develop her clients into informed decision makers, backed up with aggressive, timely actions.  She puts you in control, first by listening, and then by working with you to achieve your goals no matter what your legal concerns may be.

From  her  convenient  offices  in  San Diego,  California,  she enjoys   practicing  in  all  family  law  and  probate  courts throughout  San  Diego  County and Riverside County  and  beyond.    She practices in all  County Courthouses including South Bay, East County, San Diego and North County.

She also  offers her  clients  complete and informative estate plan services. 

During  her  legal  career,  Shelly  has  developed  the  drive, experience,   determination  and  the  expertise  to achieve  results  and  meet  the  needs  of  her   clients.   Her professional  growth  has been fueled by a strong reputation for success and an unfailing commitment to service for every client.

She  has  always  made  efficient,  cost-effective  legal services  her  priority.   She  forges  a  relationship with her clients, and develops a strategy and budget which will meet their  needs  and  desires.   Her  clients  remain  intimately involved in the implementation of that strategy throughout her representation.

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