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Shelly K. Pawchuk worked as a paralegal in a popular La Mesa law firm for several years prior to being licensed as an Attorney.  After graduating from law school in 2004, Shelly joined the law firm as a Family Law attorney.  In 2006, Shelly started her own practice in San Diego, California.

While the cornerstone of Shelly's practice is Estate Planning and Family Law, her experience is diverse and encompasses many areas of the law. She practices in every Division of the court throughout San Diego County and beyond, and represents her clients with enthusiasm and dedication.  The underlying common thread throughout her practice is that her clients' interests are best served by building sustainable, long-term relationships with a focus on early evaluation of matters and with an eye to the best possible, most cost-effective result. 

Over the years she has developed a loyal client base throughout San Diego and Riverside Counties and has dedicated herself to offering compassionate yet aggressive representation in all matters of law for her clients.

Shelly lives in San Diego with her husband, Norman.



Grossmont High School
La Mesa, California

San Diego State University, Political Science
San Diego

Thomas Jefferson School of Law, J.D.
San Diego